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Destiny’s Taken King Expansion Accidentally Leaked


Destiny’s Taken King Expansion Accidentally Leaked

Looks like the expansions aren’t quite done yet!

Bungie’s Destiny has put out two expansion packs thus far. The first one, The Dark Below, released in December and took Guardians on a trip beneath the Moon’s surface to deal with the Hive’s god, Crota. House of Wolves, which released last week, let players explore the Reef and hunt down a Fallen house that wants to rebel against the Awoken. Now, it looks like Destiny is getting a third expansion primed to be announced at E3, but Red Bull kinda took the wind outta their sails.

Twitter user AgriosEndendros took a picture of this Red Bull ad that offers bonus XP if players redeem their codes. The XP can be used for an expansion known only as The Taken King. Given how the previous Destiny expansions focused on the Hive and the Fallen, it’s possible that this one will center on the Cabal or the Vex. What’s interesting is that the Destiny season pass only covers the first two expansions, meaning that Taken King and any future expansions will have to be bought individually instead of through a pass. Unless Bungie is making a second season pass, which isn’t good in and of itself.

Guess we’ll find out at or around E3. In the meantime, how do you feel about a third Destiny expansion? What do you think they should learn from Dark and Wolves? Let us know in the comments below.

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