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Batman Arkham Knight: How to Complete Gotham on Fire


Batman Arkham Knight: How to Complete Gotham on Fire

Batman is now a firefighter.


If you’ve played any of the Batman Arkham games, then you no doubt know about its side missions. Side missions that allow you to deal with a few members of Batman’s rogues gallery that didn’t make the cut for the main event. Batman: Arkham Knight is no different, and it will have you confronting some of the dark knights’ most dangerous foes. Sometimes they are characters who have yet to appear in the main Arkham games, but this time around you’ll be dealing with enemies you could’ve sworn you put down for good long ago.

Gotham on Fire tasks Batman with putting out fires while trying to stop the deranged arsonist behind these horrible attacks. Before you set out to complete this mission, we must inform you that you will need your Batmobile for all three segments. Since there is one burning building on each island, you will have to complete the City of Fear story mission at the very least. Only then will you be able to achieve 100% completion in this Batman: Arkham Knight side activity.


As with most of the Most Wanted missions in Batman: Arkham Knight you will be guided to the first fire by a marker on your map. Once there, use the power winch on the Batmobile to activate the building’s sprinklers and save the day. After you’ve done that Firefly will come out for you to chase. He’s fast, very fast, and will make it near impossible to hit him. All you need to do is chase him until he burns out. At that point there will be a prompt to perform a takedown by jumping out of the Batmobile while moving at high speed.

Tackle this lunatic to the ground and begin to serve a healthy helping of whoop ass before having him fly off only to repeat the process again. Now it’s up to you to locate his next attack before the world of Batman: Arkham Knight is reduced to ashes. Luckily, to do so is surprisingly simple. Just stand somewhere really high and look around for a large billowing plume of black smoke. One should appear around 10-20 minutes after confronting Firefly.


Make your way over to the spotted location and repeat the steps of your first encounter. There are three burning buildings in total, and each time Firefly will become a bit more dangerous, meaning more fire being hurled at you from above. Just stay close, and be sure to use your side dodge and you’ll be fine. Once you take him down for the third time a cut scene will play of Batman delivering this fiery lunatic to the GCPD.

Batman has once again proven to be an impeccable hero in Batman: Arkham Knight and it is all thanks to you. Now it’s time to clean up the rest of the streets.

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