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Arkham Knight Trailer Reveals the Ultimate End of the Joker


Arkham Knight Trailer Reveals the Ultimate End of the Joker

There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.

An incredible trailer for Arkham Knight was released teasing a significant amount of the back story leading up to the main events of the game. Check it out below!

The Arkham Knight trailer flashes to images of gas and cool, blue pilot lights – but it further pans out to reveal a ghastly smile. A dead one – but unmistakable. The body of the infamous Joker laying on a rack in a crematorium. A voiceover details that the body of the Joker had been cremated. That was 9 months ago.

The narrator’s voice continues citing fears that with the Joker gone, Gotham’s rogues will swarm in and fight within the impending power vacuum. Strangely enough, an eerie calm spread across the city as crime actually decreased. However, this house of cards all fell apart so easily when a mild-mannered cop enters a diner, and is attacked and poisoned with fear toxin by none other than the Scarecrow.

And so, Scarecrow makes the opening gambit in his all out war on Gotham. Fear may be a power asset of the Batman, but Scarecrow is the avatar of fear.

Arkham Knight will be released next week on Tuesday, June 23rd, and will conclude Rocksteady Games’ amazing trilogy of Batman games that have revolutionized superhero and action games ever since Arkham Asylum.

What are your thoughts about the teased backstory? Are you excited for Arkham Knight? Feel free to comment and share below!

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