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We Finally Have an Accurate English Translation of Final Fantasy VII


We Finally Have an Accurate English Translation of Final Fantasy VII

“This guy are sick.”

Final Fantasy VII fans will never cease to amaze me. A fan over on the Qhimm forums embarked on a fan translation project that aimed to deliver a complete and accurate English translation of the original Japanese version of Final Fantasy VII. This means that errors like “This guy are sick” and “Midgar Zolom” were corrected, and replaced with a proper translation.

Not only that, the Beacause Retranslation Project (named thusly because of Jenova’s misspelling) fixes “items, spells, places, monsters and characters for which [they] have good evidence as having been incorrectly translated, or modified for a western audience.” This means that contextual errors have been fixed, eliminating any awkward phrases or names that might have been present in the original game.

Beacause is one of the 7 mods included in the Reunion Project, which also includes other mods for a menu overhaul, 60FPS battles, and memory patches. The Reunion is only compatible with 1998 English and Steam English versions of Final Fantasy VII, and you can check out the full listing of the project’s features here.

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