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The Future of Bloodborne Is Looking Great, Here's What Should Be Next


The Future of Bloodborne Is Looking Great, Here's What Should Be Next

What comes after the nightmare?

Bloodborne is one of those odd occurrences in video gaming. It’s somewhat of a spiritual successor, so when Bloodborne‘s release was approaching, many fans of From Software’s previous works had an idea of what to expect. However when it finally released, it still managed to surprise people in all the right ways.

Bloodborne‘s dark, yet amazingly beautiful, gothic setting along with its unforgiving brutal action made it an instant shoe-in for GOTY for many. Its success proves once again that a developer doesn’t need to cater to the masses in order to provide something great. Bloodborne is definitely not for the faint-hearted, and that’s a trait that From Software acknowledges with pride. It is an experience for the hardcore gamer through and through. Navigating dark corridors, defeating terrifying bosses, and uncovering some of the mysteries behind the city of Yharnam is what makes Bloodborne so great. But, there is one thing about Bloodborne that isn’t so great. Something that players who persevere eventually discover. Bloodborne ends.

Now, that isn’t a bad thing per se, all good things must come to an end. And, unlike some modern games, Bloodborne is a complete experience that hid nothing behind a paywall. From Bloodborne‘s opening, all the way to its multiple endings, it delivered a solid, focused experience for those brave enough to dive in. So, it should come as no surprise that there are fans asking one crucial question: what does the future hold?

New Game+ allows for a surprising amount of replayability, and PvP is there for players to pass the time in deathly duels. Yet fans want more, and can you blame them?

What are some of the avenues that From Software could go down to provide more content for Bloodborne Fans? Let’s take a look.

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