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I Am Bread Celebrates May the Fourth in Surprise Update


I Am Bread Celebrates May the Fourth in Surprise Update

May The Fourth Be With You…and your bread.

It’s that day that every Star Wars fan loves and the internet goes crazy with memes, gifs and Star Wars related discounts. May 4th is here and even I Am Bread, the weird ass game you watched on Youtube but probably never played, is celebrating it too.

Bossa Studios, the team behind I Am Bread, decided to surprise gamers with an update adding in a new game mode title “Starch Wars” (God damn I love puns). “Starch Wars” is nothing like the original game, but instead gives you an idea as to what futuristic spaceship combat would be like if the ships were made of different types of bread. Weird just doesn’t cut it here.

The “Starch Wars” update is free and available to all owners of the game now. We’ve included the launch trailer for the free update here as well so you can enjoy some bizarre Star Wars related breaddy fun, without having to pick up the game.

Whilst it cannot be disputed that this trailer is probably the most bizarre Star Wars related thing today, I’ll give it to I Am Bread, there is someting satisfying about watching a baguette in a space dog-fight.

You can currenly pick up I Am Bread on Steam for $12.99 or £9.99 for you UK folk, if you want to get in on all the doughy action!

Let us know what you think of the update in the comments below? Have you found any stranger Star Wars celebratory things on the internet that beats I Am Bread’s “Starch Wars”? Let us know in the comments below.

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