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Comedic Youtube Video Accurately Captures the Woes of Being an Amiibo Collector


Comedic Youtube Video Accurately Captures the Woes of Being an Amiibo Collector

Hunting for amiibos is the video game collectible equivalent of The Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor!

If any of you are avid and habitual collectors of Nintendo amiibo figures, I bravely salute you for your bravery, commitment, and diligence. It is no understatement that diving into the world of amiibo collecting is a journey fraught with stress, anxiety, and cut-throat competition on a constant basis. This is due to the incredible appeal the figures possess (stemming from the fact that they are collectible figures of the most famous and iconic franchises & the ability to unlock special in-game content) coupled with scarcity & the inability on Nintendo’s part to sufficiently keep up with demand.

The situation is further exacerbated due to a number of other factors such as the practice of selling certain amiibo figurines as in-store exclusives to chains that do not have the proper infrastructure to handle such high demands effectively, or the mass proliferation of scalping and the amiibo re-sale economy. It is the perfect recipe for chaos and disaster resulting in waiting in long lines at ungodly hours only for a very select few individuals to walk away with the most exclusive or rare amiibos, stressful back-and-forth juggling between different stores, amiibo’s tending to selling out instantly, or having to bite the bullet to pay exorbitant and inflated prices for hard-to-find figures on eBay.

Amiibo collectors all stand in solidarity through these common trials and tribulations. Your peers understand. And so do the folks at The Warp Zone. In a twist of painfully accurate comedy and satire, this parody Youtube video produced by the channel echoes the struggle that all diehard amiibo collectors go through:

Take this as a cautionary tale to become vigilant and to make all necessary preparations so as to not suffer the pain of defeat or disappointment with the impending US release of Wave 4 amiibos (comprising of Wario, Charizard, Pac-Man, Robin, and Lucina) on May 29th. Wave 4 also consists of the following store-exclusive amiibos for the US: Greninja (Toys R Us), Ness (GameStop), and Jigglypuff (Target). And while you’re at it, don’t forget that you have to juggle efforts to acquire the Mario – Silver Edition and Splatoon series amiibos on the same day too!

On the bright side, at least Nintendo announced it is doing restocks of Marth, Meta Knight, and Ike on Facebook recently… surely, the clause “limited quantities” is nothing to worry about, right? Just breathe and stay calm! You have nothing to worry about…. until July 2015, that is, when Dark Pit and Palutena come out.

May I suggest you check out Justin’s foolproof guide to acquiring amiibos? Good luck, and happy hunting!

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