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7 Cancelled Games as Tragic as Silent Hills


7 Cancelled Games as Tragic as Silent Hills

There are a lot of games that are lucky to be released. Others…not so much.

Silent Hills

Depending on how you feel about the Silent Hill games, the series hasn’t been living up to its potential in quite some time. That all changed with PT, a free downloadable game that ended up being the lead-in for the series’ next entry, Silent Hills. With Hideo Kojima and famed horror director Guillermo del Toro at the helm, and Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus set to star, excitement was high and people were excited for the franchise again. How could it all go wrong?

As it turns out, it could go wrong in a massive way. With Hideo Kojima now leaving Konami later this year, the publisher is now basically setting fire to everything Kojima’s touched in the past year or so. While the Metal Gear franchise will continue past The Phantom Pain, Kojima Productions is now Konami Los Angeles and their title is removed from all promotional material. Silent Hills is now canceled, and no one is happy about it. You’d think that you’d still have PT to play as a reminder of what could’ve been, right? You’d be all wrong and a bag of chips, because it’s been taken off the PlayStation Store completely. Even to people who already own it and want to re-download it can’t anymore. Still, there’s gonna be more Silent Hill games at some point in the future. That’s something….right?

In the meantime, let’s take a look at cancellations that were equally as devastating. Go on, get the tissues, and get ready to feel sad!

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