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Pokemon Rumble World Smeargle and Pancham Passwords Surface


Pokemon Rumble World Smeargle and Pancham Passwords Surface

Free Pokemon Toys? Where do we sign.

Yesterday, Pokemon Rumble World burst out of an eShop-shaped Pokeball and rolled onto handhelds. The game, which uses free to play microtransactions to support itself which are explained here, allows players to collect Pokemon Toys that can be used to battle against other Toys in the pursuit of a larger collection and better ones to use.

It doesn’t offer every single one of the 719 Pokemon that can be found in other games it seems though. To combat this, Nintendo have revealed passwords that can be used to obtain certain, special Pokemon that may not otherwise be obtainable.

Online Mecca of Pokemon information Serebii reported earlier today that codes have been released for Pokemon Rumble World that will allow players in the west to obtain Pancham and Smeargle. Players in Japan have gotten a good deal out of their passwords though, as they can obtain the utter fluffball of cuteness Eevee through them.

To access Pokemon Rumble World‘s password system, you have to be at least Adventurer Level 4. That only requires the collection of a few Pokemon Toys and can be easily done within 30 minutes of downloading the game. Then in the game’s hub courtyard, simply press the Start button and select the password option.

Those in North America can obtain a Pancham by entering the code 18294319 and a Smeargle with 18014401. European players can also get in on the fun, with Pancham available by entering 24197410 and a Smeargle with 35325215.

Of course if you’re interested, Eevee can be collected on a Japanese version of Pokemon Rumble World by simply entering 24771725.

It’s likely that more passwords will be made available as time goes on, so keep your eyes peeled for the arrival of more. We sure will be.

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