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Mortal Kombat X Lets You Sample DLC Characters For Free


Mortal Kombat X Lets You Sample DLC Characters For Free

Free sample? We’ll take it.

With the Mortal Kombat X release approaching on Tuesday, fans are ecstatic. Adding to our excitement, Mortal Kombat X Director Ed Boon recently posted a tweet confirming that, “You can complete Premiere towers that feature (and let U play) DLC characters even if you haven’t purchased that character!”

This is great news for fans. If you haven’t already heard, you should know that the Challenge Towers component will be returning to the game. In these towers, the player is offered a chance to progress throughout the hierarchy of a tower by performing specific challenges such as move restrictions, time restrictions, specific move quotas, specific character requirement, etc. Apparently, the Challenge Towers in Mortal Kombat X will also feature Premiere Towers that require you to occasionally play as DLC characters to complete certain challenges.

So there’s a catch. We can’t just sample the DLC characters any time that we want to do so. And we also can’t sample them in any mode. There are closed, strict, specific parameters under which we can sample these characters, but that’s still reason to celebrate. Many games do not give players a chance to sample the DLC whatsoever before purchasing it. In fact, Destiny, despite being a popular AAA game, is currently under scrutiny for disappointing loyal fans who faithfully pre-ordered their DLC.

Mortal Kombat X gives fans a chance. It’s an opportunity for you to test out a character’s move set before you commit to buying the Kombat Pack DLC for $29.99. This way, if you play through the Challenge Tower and realize that you absolutely don’t want to play as any of the DLC characters either because you don’t like their moves or because you’re completely satisfied with the wide-array of characters the game offers you to play as regularly. As gamers, we appreciate this. The company could have chosen to lock us out of the DLC and not let us sample anything until we paid for it. They didn’t do that. Enjoy the free content!

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