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Mortal Kombat X: How to Play Reptile


Mortal Kombat X: How to Play Reptile

Chow down on some acid snack.


Mortal Kombat X reptile

If you’re the type who likes to get close but don’t want your enemies to do the same, then Reptile’s Noxious variation is for you. In this form, Reptile gains the ability to release of cloud of gas from his body that deals unblockable damage. Combined with Reptile’s speed, this creates a huge threat to opponents who will forget what they’re doing as they fight to keep away and alive.

Forceball: Down, Forward, X

Slide: Back, Forward, Circle

Acid Spit: Down, Forward, Square

Klaw Pounce: Down, Back, Circle

Reptilian Dash: Back, Forward, Triangle

Poison Gas: Down, Down, X


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