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Mortal Kombat X: How to Play Kotal Kahn


Mortal Kombat X: How to Play Kotal Kahn

He who burns the sun.

Sun God

Sun God is Kotal Kahn’s first variation, and it is plenty powerful once you understand its benefits. One of the special moves held by this variation is the Sun God Choke which actually increases in power and number of attacks with each use (this stacks up to 3 times), making Kotal a scary enemy to get close to. He then has his God Ray which both damages enemies unlucky enough to stand inside its light, or heals Kotal Kahn if he does the same. This variation provides plenty of risk to the opponent while keeping Kotal Kahn in fighting shape.

Blood Offering: Forward, Down, Back, Circle

Sunstone: Down, Forward, X

God Ray: Down, Forward, Circle

Air Takedown: Down, Forward, Square

Soul Scorch: Forward, Down, Back, Square

Sun God Choke: Down, Back, Triangle

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