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Mortal Kombat X: How to Play Ermac


Mortal Kombat X: How to Play Ermac

Ermac ‘n’ cheese.


ermac mortal kombat x

With the Spectral variation, Ermac gains the ability to Fly and unleash unique attacks from the air. This means that many of his special moves are aerial-based and are perfect for taking your opponent by surprise from above. The Soul Burst, while only effective at close range, can knock your opponent back if you choose to Meter Burn it – perfect for creating distance between yourself and your opponent when you need to set up for an aerial combo. Ermac is perfectly capable of executing ground combos in the Spectral variation too; if you Meter Burn his Force Lift, Ermac can get in close quickly to attack before your opponent hits the ground.

Soul Accession is the highlight of Ermac’s Spectral variation as it allows him to fly for a short period of time. Ermac won’t be able to block while flying, but this does allow him to get in close to his opponents fairly easily, especially if they don’t have zoning attacks to keep their distance. Most of Spectral Ermac’s moves can only be done from the air, so this variation may be more suited for players who prefer taking the higher ground.

Soul Burst: Down, Back, Triangle

Force Lift: Down, Back, Square

Teleport: Down, Back, Circle

Soul Charge: Back, Forward, Triangle

Soul Accession: Down, Down, Up


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