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Is This The Reason You Couldn't Download Earthbound on Wii U?


Is This The Reason You Couldn't Download Earthbound on Wii U?

An error may have caused you to see some erroneous information on the Nintendo eShop.

2015. What a time to be a gamer, when we have transcended the shackles of physical objects, when much of our existence on gaming platforms has now become digital, allowing everyone to experience any game at any time so long as they have the ability to download it. We are truly lucky, fortunate, and…

Nope, just kidding. For those who wanted to buy themselves Earthbound from the Club Nintendo Marketplace they would be disappointed to learn that Nintendo were having difficulty distributing copies from that service.


The game is still available via the normal WiiU eShop but those hoping to claim a copy from the Club Nintendo site may be greeted by a similar message to the one above.

Don’t be saddened though, because it’s still available. With Club Nintendo being phased out soon, it’s likely that Nintendo have been phasing out servers or pulling back resources from the site which has caused glitches like the one above. Keep trying though and you’ll be able to get your hands on the game.

[Editor’s Note: To those who may have seen a previously erroneous set of information here we apologize, the piece has now been rectified]

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