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Bloodborne: How to Beat Martyr Logarius

How to Beat Martyr Logarius

Bloodborne: How to Beat Martyr Logarius

Remember that secret area you found, Forsaken Cainhurst Castle? Well inside of this dark, frozen castle lies one of the toughest fights in Bloodborne. Martyr Logarius sits atop Cainhurst Castle as a deterrent to any trying to uncover its dark secrets. Those who trespass must face him in a vicious battle that will prove to be a challenge to even the most seasoned of hunters. Here’s how to beat Martyr Loagrius in Bloodborne.

How to Beat Martyr Logarius in Bloodborne

The roof where the battle with Martyr Logarius takes place is large enough to move around if need be, and it provides a decent amount of cover should you need a breather for a quick heal. But, while Martyr Logarius can’t fall of the edge, you most certainly can in extremely embarrassing fashion. As everyone who’s played a From Software game knows the camera can be your biggest enemy at times so be careful while rolling around. Yet, even with this looming threat it’s a decent arena for the fight ahead.

As far as items go, a hunter should have a full stock of Blood Vials (just in case) and some bold paper. The Empty Phantasm Shell would also provide some Arcane damage, but you’re going to want to hold onto your bullets for later. As far as weapons go, a two handed weapon with a decent reach is perfect against Martyr Logarius. Anything that can get you a couple of hits while keeping you at a safe dodging distance is perfect.  Once you’re all set, proceed to the roof of Forsaken Cainhurst Castle.

Now that you’re ready to fight Martyr Logarius, you should be aware that he has two phases. The first is just him fighting normally, but he is still immensely powerful so don’t get to excited. His second phase is nothing short of hell incarnate, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. For starters your hunter should be focused on surviving long enough to see that second phase.

Martyr Logarius is deceptively fast, has a long range with his melee weapon, utilizes very powerful ranged abilities, and has some really solid defense. Getting close to him is pretty difficult but completely necessary. Before you can get close to Marty Logarius, there are a few abilities of his that you should  know about.

One of his favorite moves in the first phase is to swipe his scythe through the air sending a group of homing blood skulls hurtling towards you. These do a lot of damage so make sure to roll through them, or away if you just aren’t confident in your timing. Next is his large blood orb that also happens to home in on any hunter facing him. This one is possible to interrupt but it requires a melee attack. If you’re not already next to him just wait and dodge.

This orb moves very slowly so just be patient and roll when the time comes. The final move you really need to know about is one that he only triggers when you’re in front of him. Martyr Logarius will quickly summon a large red skull that explodes and deals a massive amount of damage. This move can be activated pretty quickly so if you ever find yourself in front of him, immediately dodge to his right side.

With these moves in mind go in for the attack. He broadcasts his scythe attacks so be prepared to roll under whenever the need arises. Also keep in mind that he pretty much never attacks only once so keep enough stamina to roll numerous times.

Luckily you can actually stun Martyr Logarius with a well timed shot from your firearm leading to some heavy visceral damage. During his first phase you can actually disrupt pretty much all of his attacks, with the one exception being the large exploding skull. But, since you can easily dodge that one, once you finally get up close to Martyr Logarius you can work his health down and lead right into the second phase. Now thats when things get tricky.

After you take out half of Martyr Logarius’ health he will begin to trigger his second phase. You’ll know it’s happening because he will lean on his scythe and begins to glow like a fluorescent light . That is your cue to get the heck out of dodge. After a few seconds Martyr Logarius will let out a huge burst of energy dealing tons of damage to anyone unlucky enough to be close. And close is used pretty loosely since this attack has a larger than normal blast radius.

Martyr Logarius is now faster, stronger, and the possessor of an entirely new move set. It should also be noted that bullets no longer have any affect on him. He will no longer summon the huge orb, the group of skulls, nor the exploding skull he used when you got to close.

He has also seemingly learned the ability to fly. In this phase there are only two openings that you should wait for if you don’t want to take any big risks. But before you can capitalize on his movements you’ll need to be aware of the three big attacks that will own you if you ever lose focus.

The first, and most annoying is his ability to summon a never ending storm of swords. Marty Logarius does so by slamming a sword into the ground (with a small explosion so stay away).

The good thing is that you can end this storm by destroying the sword in the ground, and it should be mentioned that From Software was nice enough to allow you to target the sword so you can take it out with a single bullet or throwable item. The next two attacks both involve him flying up into the sky. The first has him lunging towards you with a wide scythe attack, and the second has him crashing down with an overhead scythe attack.

After both of Martyr Logarius’ flying scythe attacks is the best opportunity to go on the offensive. Rolling towards him as he comes down will place a hunter right behind him leaving the boss open to attacks. Take your shots but save a bit of stamina. Normally Martyr Logarius will dodge away rather than counter attack, but keep some stamina because you can never be too safe.

All you need to do is wait until Martyr Logarius goes into the air. It is a bit time consuming but it will keep you safe. His normal melee attacks have an added explosive damage to them, and since he can’t be interrupted anymore it really isn’t worth facing him head on if you don’t have to. Be patient and you’ll claim victory in no time.

That’s all you need to know for how to beat Martyr Logarius in Bloodborne. For more guides, tips, tricks, and information on Bloodborne be sure to check out our wiki.

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