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Bloodborne Defeated Using Only a Guitar Hero Controller


Bloodborne Defeated Using Only a Guitar Hero Controller

Stairway to Heaven is still against the rules.

Recently, there’s been something of a trend in the community surrounding From Software’s Souls franchise. Eschewing the usual control methods many players use, a small number of people have taken to playing the developer’s games with every controller under the sun. Yes, that even includes the Donkey Konga drum set. The most recent achievement of this type has come to light, with one Twitch streamer completing Bloodborne with only a Guitar Hero controller.

Twitch streamer Bearzy, who has done this sort of thing before in Dark Souls entries with controllers like the Rock Band 3 piano peripheral, was able to complete Bloodborne in only 9 hours using this method. That’s a whole lot of strumming and enough chords to bring any monster to their knees.

Dubbed “Guitarborne” by the streamer, the whole saga can be seen on Bearzly’s channel. Whether you’re a fan of Bloodborne or not, this is something that has to be seen to be believed. One of the more interesting aspects of his playthrough comes in the motions Bearzly uses to replicate Bloodborne‘s control scheme. Just watch for a parry and vicious attack, that’s all we’re saying.

Some of the more interesting aspects of Bearzly’s playthrough can also be found on his YouTube channel for those who don’t want to sit through 9 hours of Twitch content.

This is undoubtedly one of the more unconventional methods used to play Bloodborne, although we do also have a few collected on our site if you’re seeking inspiration.


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