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3 Ways Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Can Avoid the Mistakes of Human Revolution


3 Ways Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Can Avoid the Mistakes of Human Revolution

A new Deus Ex title has just been announced, and there are some augmentations for it to reach its full potential. Luckily, we’ve got some ideas.

Better Boss Battles


Pretty much everyone and their mother agrees that Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s boss fights were the weakest part of the game. For a game that prided itself on letting you play as a silent ninja or gun down everyone who looked at you funny, that certainly didn’t come across when fighting any of the assholes villains in the story. Sure, if you went the latter option you were able to mow them down with your bullets. But if you went the silent route, you were basically boned from minute one and may as well have worn a shirt saying “Shoot Anywhere But the Face, Please”.

To be fair to Eidos Montreal, they have addressed this issue with the Missing Link DLC and the Deus Ex Director’s Cut. They’re fully aware that boss fights seemed to run counter with what the game was saying was possible. Mankind Divided should follow up on that and allow you to pull off non-lethal takedowns or kill enemies from afar. Even rigging the area with explosives to take the enemy out or luring them away from your objective would be ideal for stealth players. Just don’t punish people who decide to take the stealthy approach. No one wants to go to a fight with a stun gun and end up having to fight a dude with three assault rifles on their person, after all.

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