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10 of the Coolest Video Game Easter Egg Designs


10 of the Coolest Video Game Easter Egg Designs

Nothing shows the world you love video games like painting them onto chicken spawns.

Super Mario Bros.

This Super Mario Bros. collection only proves the world of Mario was made for for egging (eggifying?.. ).

World of Warcraft

We’re not sure who on this earth took to painting the world of Azeroth onto a chicken spawn, but thank you, mystery egg cartographer.

The Legend of Zelda

This collection of LoZ inspired eggs, thanks to Znuese, comes with no quip. They’re beautiful.


Zoom out

Pokémon make for great eggs, and Yaltro is but one of the endless creators to eggify our favorite pocket monsters.


10 Great Video Game Easter Egg Collections

Your friends just aren’t real friends unless they let you toss lemon grenades and companion eggs at them. (Via Epbot)

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