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These 8 DC Superheroes Need Their Own Games


These 8 DC Superheroes Need Their Own Games

Last week, we did a post on Marvel heroes who deserved their own game. Now it’s time to look at DC and see who in their lineup is worthy!

Green Lantern Corps

The Green Lantern Corps is one of the biggest entities in the entire DC universe. Over the years, the scope of the Emerald Knights has grown to include an entire color spectrum of rings, from the yellow-based Fear and blue-hued Hope to red Rage and black Death. Now that that awful movie is freshly purged from everyone’s minds and a new cinematic universe is in the plans for DC, it’s time to give the Green Lanterns their due.

Green Lanterns are, in the broadest of definitions, space cops. They travel the galaxy dealing with problems large and small, not unlike say, a certain space marine we all know and love. The game would be influenced by Mass Effect; create a Lantern of their own race, gender, and origin. Start off as a lowly cadet training on Oa with Kilowog and meet the Guardians along with classic Lanterns like Toma-re, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, and John Stewart. Eventually, you’re going to have a sector of your own to look after, and it’s there that the plot kicks off. Maybe you’ll learn the Black Lanterns are returning, or the Manhunters. A new threat, even? It’ll take the power of all the Green Lanterns to face whatever evil lies ahead.

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