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Red Dead Redemption Included in Deals with Gold This Week


Red Dead Redemption Included in Deals with Gold This Week

Get your six shooter and your horse, we’re goin’ shoppin’.

Xbox Live’s Deals with Gold service brings games at a reduced price to Xbox Live Gold subscribers every week. This week there’s some fairly tasty treats to be found at reduced prices, such as Red Dead Redemption. Some of this week’s other treats though are going to leave nothing but a bitter taste in your mouth.

Xbox One users can pick up Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Directors Cut at a sweet 50% off the original price or Ubisoft’s latest and not-quite-so greatest Assassin’s Creed Unity for a third less than usual. Oh and there’s this other game with a web-slinging fellow in it as well. Not so amazing movie tie-in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 can be snapped up on Xbox One in deals with gold at half the asking price.

Over on Xbox 360 however, Rockstar titles are on offer to the left, the right, and most importantly the center. Before we get to those however, there’s The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel with 63% to 60% off respectively. Anyway, the good stuff. Bully Scholarship Edition, Midnight Club LA, Max Payne 3 (plus the season pass), L.A. Noire, and everyone’s favorite wild west romp Red Dead Redemption are all available at a whopping 75% discount.

That’s Red Dead Redemption for a quarter of the original price and a whole host of its Rockstar buddies, all on Xbox Live’s Deals with Gold this week.

Will you be picking up Red Dead Redemption if you don’t already have it? Maybe the temptation to get Max Payne 3 is simply too great? Or are you that guy in the corner who’s already buying The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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