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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide: How to Play as Trey


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide: How to Play as Trey

Trey is the resident smarty pants of Class Zero. Constantly competing with Queen for top grades in class, he loves showing off to his classmates just how knowledgeable he is. I used to confuse him with Ace. You know, because of the blond hair. But Trey quickly distinguishes himself from Ace and the class with his cool and intellectual personality. He’s also the best ranged sniper you can get your hands on in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, though you’ll need some practice before you two can accomplish great things together.

His weapon of choice is the long bow, making him the perfect candidate for landing Kill Sights and Break Sights. However, he falls short in the mobility department. With that in mind, get these abilities first: Accelerate, Triple Slip, Slipstream, and Untouchable. The evasion moves are especially important for Trey because he may be good at sniping from a distance, but he’s almost completely defenseless when the enemies get in close because of the time taken for him to release an arrow.

After you’ve leveled him up a bit, you should be able to purchase certain abilities that would help keep enemies at bay. Firewall, for example, has Trey conjure a large wall of fire that can burn any enemies that try to get close to him. When you have magic users or any long ranged attackers in your party, put them behind a wall. Other abilities such as Freezing Rain will shower his enemies with a flurry of arrows that inflict the Stop status, giving Trey more time to fire off more shots at them. The only downside to using Freezing Rain is that the arrows will take time to hit their targets, so make sure you aim precisely and not when a group of enemies are starting to rush you.

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