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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide: How to Play as Seven


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide: How to Play as Seven

She looks like Lightning, doesn’t she? Here’s the funny thing about Seven: she’s apparently supposed to be really popular amongst female underclassmen and has a hard time saying no to them. So she looks like Lightning, but is completely different from her in terms of personality.

Anyway, Seven is one of my favorite characters to use in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD because of her versatility as both a melee attacker and magic user. Her choice of weapon is the unique whipblade that makes her extremely effective for crowd control. Seven’s default move set has her swinging the whipblade in a wide arc, allowing her to hit any enemies standing near her. While you can’t exactly classify her as a long ranged attacker, she’s a solid mid ranged fighter who can score Kill Sights fairly easily as long as the enemy isn’t too far from her.

What makes Seven so appealing as a fighter is her ability to chain really fast combos and being able to control the arc of the whipblade with the left stick. This basically ensures that players will hardly ever find themselves surrounded by enemies as Seven will almost always be able to break her way out.

Seven doesn’t have very good speed so you’ll definitely want to get that Accelerate skill for her as soon as you can. She also dodges faster than she can run, so feel free to spam that dodge button if you want to get to an enemy quickly.

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