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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide: How to Play as Ace


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide: How to Play as Ace

As the cover boy of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Ace might come off as a little cold at times but he’s actually a really kind and gentle boy. He’s also a total mama’s boy, but hey I’m not judging. Ace is the first character you’ll get to take control of in the game, making him one of the more beginner-friendly cadets you have access to. However, if you use him right and upgrade his skills accordingly, he could shape up into yet another powerhouse in Class Zero.

Ace’s weapon of choice is interesting; wielding a deck of cards, I guess that makes him the Gambit type character in Class Zero. He also has a pretty cool dodge animation where he teleports with the help of a few playing cards. To make full use of Ace’s high agility (though not quite as high as Cater’s), you’ll want to grab Accelerate and Slipstream to allow him to move faster. Ace attacks by throwing his cards at enemies, making him a decent mid ranged fighter.

His abilities may be a little confusing at first, what with all the different decks of cards he has access to, but here’s the breakdown: the Attack Hand enhances your attacks, Support Hand deals out support effects, Life Hand provides HP recovery effects, and Spirit Hand provides MP recovery effects. Being able to choose from a number of decks also makes Ace a rather malleable character that you can play however you want. The only downfall of using these decks is that Ace will have to stop moving in order to draw a card, making him vulnerable to enemy attacks, so make sure to put him behind a Wall if you’re using him as a support character.

Cut Cards is an ability that allows him to draw cards from a deck of various effects. The whole gambling system makes him a fun character to use but this could be dangerous if your party’s in a pinch. I’d suggest leaving this ability out when you take on bosses and harder missions.

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