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6 Games Like Dragon Ball XenoVerse If You’re Looking For Similar Games


6 Games Like Dragon Ball XenoVerse If You’re Looking For Similar Games

XenoVerse fans will love these games.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Series

Almost as popular as Dragonball, Ultimate Ninja Storm has been a fairly well-received series. Its latest renditions have been expanding the character base incredibly, and the fighting system is action-packed and fluid.

While Dragon Ball XenoVerse includes a great deal of character development as a huge part of gameplay, the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm games lean towards an adventure-driven single-player mode supplemented by multiplayer support. The fighting system has evolved slowly over the years, and its style and fast-paced tactical action is definitely worth looking at if you’re a fan of Dragon Ball XenoVerse.


Odd, perhaps, than an MMO make the list, but really it makes perfect sense. Vindictus, based on the heavily anime-inspired Mabinogi, is an MMO built on the Source engine. It uses the physics engine to its fullest extent. It’s gameplay is visceral and gritty. And it is a 100% action RPG. If you enjoyed Dragon Ball XenoVerse, this is definitely the MMO for you.

It might be a tad grindy at times. Vindictus missions and raids are level-based, so if you don’t meet the level requirement it’s time to hit the dungeons. But the gameplay is addicting and fun, and odds are you won’t notice. Skill progression is almost entirely separate from level as well and based only on gameplay. Vindictus even rewards you for not playing with a fat stack of skill points to spend upon your return. For action-y MMO goodness on par with Dragon Ball XenoVerse, look no further.

Better yet, the game is entirely free to play from either Nexon’s website or Steam.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires

Obviously. Well, maybe not entirely. The Warriors franchise has a solid following, and saw a huge cross-population with the release of Hyrule Warriors. But more than anything its similarities to Dragon Ball XenoVerse make it an ideal title to try if you’ve been gobbling up hours on the anime fighter.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires includes the traditional Warriors gameplay with some new modes. Ultimately it’s a great action game with an emphasis on a multitude of characters, hero versus mob combat, and a dash of character customization. It’s a bit more hack and slash-y than Dragon Ball XenoVerse. It’s also a bit immense in scale. Give it a shot if you like the action gameplay of Dragon Ball XenoVerse more than any other aspect.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Grinding, collecting, and of course epic action battles. Dragon Ball XenoVerse has ’em in droves, but the latest release from the Monster Hunter franchise isn’t short on them either. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate may have taken almost a year and a half to get to the West, but it’s no less the excellent action game that it was in 2013.

Featuring humongous monsters in heated combat, it also includes full online multiplayer beyond a local connection. Slaying massive dragons takes on a whole new feel when undertaken with other players. For the thrill-seekers and the completionists, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a great game for XenoVerse fans with a 3DS.


Another MMO. This one isn’t quite as visceral and heavy as Vindictus, but it’s action gameplay is still incredible. Graphically it’s also quite up there. It might not have the same anime feel as Dragon Ball XenoVerse, but fans of either will definitely want to check out the other.

Easier for XenoVerse players to give Warframe a try as it is completely free. It also gets constant updates and features a fairly excellent mix of melee and shooter gameplay. Though at times the missions might get repetitive, the addicting gameplay will keep you coming back again and again.

And Warframe is also free to play. Give it a chance and see if one hour turns into dozens.

Soul Calibur Series

Dragon Ball XenoVerse is definitely a great action game, but it is ultimately an arena fighter. While not necessarily in the vein of fighter subgenres, Soul Calibur still bridges the gap between hardcore fighting games like Dead or Alive and less intense ones like Super Smash Brothers.

Soul Calibur games also have a deep storyline to them, if you can see past Ivy’s ever-projecting…assets. The characters are rich and the fighting system is a joy to play. Alternate adventure modes and gameplay options keep the titles fresh, and their art is positively stunning. If the sheer tactical fighting joy of XenoVerse keeps you coming back, then Soul Calibur might also be right up your alley.

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