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Club Nintendo Returns A Link Between Worlds Soundtrack


Club Nintendo Returns A Link Between Worlds Soundtrack

The sweet sound of Nintendo music.

Club Nintendo is winding down around the world. North American users are able to spend whatever coins they have left on some fairly incredible small titles or other great merchandise. Meanwhile over in Europe, the slow death of Nintendo’s customer loyalty program is taking a little longer. That being said though, there are still things being added to the catalog and even some old friends returning. One such old friend, who’s popularity is nothing short of obvious, comes in the form of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds‘ soundtrack.

After it disappeared from the Club Nintendo catalog a short time ago, people who’d been saving up their Stars (the European equivalent of North America’s Coins) were struck down with a feeling of sadness. This was a target for many who were frantically digging through drawers, cupboards, and storage boxes to find whatever red booklets they could. Zelda fans in Europe now have a little more time to gather up their Club Nintendo fake-money to pick up this special edition CD.

Available only via Club Nintendo, the double-CD soundtrack features 89 tracks spread over two CDs. There’s also a booklet of sheet music so you, yes you, can perform some of your favorite tracks on your own musical instrument.

If anyone has a Theremin and intends to do some of these, we really want to hear from you by the way!

Zelda: A Link Between Worlds hit the Nintendo 3DS in 2013 and saw critical praise all across the tubes of the internet. Many people who owned a 3DS bought it, and many more are probably planning to get it sometime soon.

As a reminder, be sure to add your Club Nintendo stars to your account soon. From April 1st, Nintendo will no longer be producing booklets for packaging in their titles. From April 31st, you will no longer be able to register Stars on Club Nintendo. This is to give you plenty of time until September 31st when Club Nintendo Europe is finally closed down.

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