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Cities: Skylines Sells Half a Million Copies


Cities: Skylines Sells Half a Million Copies

Paradox promises long support.

Less than a week after its release, Cities: Skylines reached the 500k mark according to the game’s Twitter.

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The numbers show that there is still a healthy demand for the city-building genre. Despite a botched launch and criticism over certain features, the recent SimCity game sold over 1.1 million copies in it’s first two weeks.

The breakthrough sales come amid news of piracy of the game. Paradox’s Sham Jorjani states that there is a 16 percent increase in piracy of the game, though he is not worried.

“Our plan for pirates is to make a great game even better through free updates – making it more convenient to use Steam instead. It’s all about offering the superior service, that’s how we bring down piracy. By making the paid experience a superior one.”

Paradox Interactive is known for frequently patching and supporting it’s games long after the initial release. Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester has said of Cities: Skylines

“…we are committed to supporting this wonderful game for years to come, in much the same way that we have for our Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis communities. We knew that we had a great game on our hands and so to be able to continue to provide fans of the game with a multitude of new content for it going forward is fantastic.”


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