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6 Ways to Be A Total Jerk in Games


6 Ways to Be A Total Jerk in Games

Just quit it. It’s not cool.

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Instalock in the Character Select Screen

league of legends

An easy way to impress all your friends in any type of competitive, character focused game is to lock in your character immediately in the character selection screen. Particularly in MOBAs like League of Legends, Dota 2, or Smite, instalocking a character can inherently throw off the rest of the team’s composition. This is an easy way to gain the rage of four other people on your team. Without any discussion about which roles each player will fill, such jerks selfishly jam their way into the games, forcing everyone else to do their best to work around their rudeness to make a viable team, which is oftentimes impossible. Good luck losing your game, jerk-face – next time discuss with your teammates. That’s why it’s a team game after all.

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