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5 Mistakes We All Made As Young Pokémon Trainers


5 Mistakes We All Made As Young Pokémon Trainers

You were young and Pokémon was fresh on the scene… but we all made mistakes when we were younger, and our Pokémon games weren’t exempt!

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Your Starter Pokémon

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That Squirtle is looking really good right about now.

Your starter Pokémon, the one that’s going to accompany you from the very start of your adventure, and most likely will remain a core part of your team for a significant amount of  your playtime. Therefore the decision is one of the most thought through processes in Pokémon games. Do you want a water, fire or grass type? Which one is most likely going to fit into your team? You ponder over which one looks the coolest/ cutest at the current time and take a leap of faith opting for that Bulbasaur, recalling how awesome Venasaur was in the Pokémon movie (Don’t deny it you all watched it at some point!).

However when you were younger you didn’t have all these thought processes. Your mind was occupied with which starter was in your favourite colour and whether you could get your mum to cook you sausages for tea that night. But the further you delved into the game you realised that the Bulbasaur you picked because of its green complexion may have been the wrong choice.

Not to fear it’ll get better, but when you’ve bitten the Pokémon bug and you get into the nitty gritty of the games mechanics, the first starter Pokémon you picked is always a hit and miss decision amongst trainers. At least you know for next time eh!

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