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3 Ways to Become the Best Game Streamer in Existence


3 Ways to Become the Best Game Streamer in Existence

Wanna be an amazing Twitch streamer? Get ready to get a bit weird.

Be Funny and Interact

kaz hirai funny

What’s the one thing most streamers have? A sense of humor. People like to laugh, it’s just a simple fact of life. When you look at people like Pewdiepie, If you wanna make this a true career, you wanna be funny all the time. Just never stop being funny. Make your audience laugh themselves so hard their ribs split or their heart stops. Everyone has that one thing that makes them funny, unless you’re Adam Sandler. You just have to find your one thing and get that through when you’re streaming. Maybe you’re snarky, maybe you can do funny voices. Just make it you.

And when you aren’t making them laugh, interact with them. Ask them about their day, their favorite part of the game you’re streaming, other games in the same vein. Do whatever you can to get them involved so they’ll feel like coming back and bringing more people with them to watch your antics! Or if that doesn’t work, pay them to laugh and say you’re awesome all over Twitter.

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