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10 Beloved Sidekicks That Need Their Own Games


10 Beloved Sidekicks That Need Their Own Games

It’s time for these sidekicks to take center stage!


hyrule warriors

The true sidekick of sidekicks! Game after game Zelda is so often relegated to the backseat as our hero link goes off to save Hyrule again and again. But the great protagonist would be a Zelda that saves herself rather by taking the lead. She’s the princess, she’s the boss of Hyrule Kingdom. And moreover, unlike her dainty peer Peach from the Mario series, we know Zelda is combat ready after she covertly aided link as Sheik in Ocarina of Time. Let’s not forget that not only can she hold her own in combat, she’s also the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom, putting her on equal footing with Link’s Triforce of Courage and Ganon’s Triforce of Power. It’s time for Zelda to beat Ganon on her own terms!

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