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These 5 People Definitely Deserve Their Own Game


These 5 People Definitely Deserve Their Own Game

These days, you can make a game out of just about anything. But these people deserve some game time of their own.

Beyonce: Queen of the Universe

Let’s face it, just about everyone in the world admits that Beyoncé Knowles is their lord and savior. It’s just how she rolls. Beyoncé: Queen of the Universe is a first-person simulator where you see the world through the eyes of Beyoncé. Meaning that everyone you interact with is just one of your adoring fans or someone from your record label. Or Jay-Z. Maybe Solange, if she can be found.

Missions range from coming up with a hit new single to release under the radar to taking care of your adorable girl Blue Ivy. Also, there’s a mission where you scope out the mansion that jackass Notch jacked from you and then burn it to the ground. That’ll teach the creator of some game not to mess with Queen Bey. Like the Resident Evil games, sometimes you’ll have to fend off Kanye West, who shows up at random points in the story. Speaking of…

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