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The Order: 1886 Developers Hand out Tips, from Obvious to Life-Saving


The Order: 1886 Developers Hand out Tips, from Obvious to Life-Saving

It’s the five day anniversary of The Order: 1886‘s release, and the game’s official twitter account has a repertoire of tips to get you through however many hours of gameplay you may have left. Or to aid you through your next playthrough. Or you may never play this game again.

Whatever your The Order: 1886 situation is, we can all take a second to appreciate the inane range of help the developers thought important enough to share with thousands of fans.

Some tips start from the bottom, mapping out the basics of cover shooting and the benefits of, when in a gun fight, peeking over the trashcan you’re hiding behind:

Other tips are looking to stir up mayhem, reminding players that they aren’t doing it right if they’re not doing it with explosions:

Some tips were a little more advanced, and could actually save you some time, or deaths if you’re not careful:

And then the tip reel loops back to beginner advice with hints focused on exploring The Order: 1886‘s menu options:

So there you have it. You know everything now. You’ve mastered every advanced tactic suitable for Sir Galahad’s exploits, starting with changing your clothes, advancing to looking over your shoulder, and escalating to blowing the city to smithereens.

Did you find any of these tips useful? Even if you haven’t, we hope you’re enjoying The Order: 1886, or whatever game is blessing your console at this moment.

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