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Persona 5 Got a New Trailer and Twitter Has Brilliant Theories


Persona 5 Got a New Trailer and Twitter Has Brilliant Theories

A look at Twitter’s thoughts on the latest Persona 5 trailer.

Another day, another boatload of Persona fan theories to sift through. Atlus released a trailer yesterday for the highly anticipated Persona 5. Almost immediately, the internet took to breaking down every tidbit of information in the trailer and theorizing what it could all mean. Here’s a look at what Twitter had to say.

We should probably start off with what every Persona fan has been doing since yesterday.

The hype for Persona 5 is palpable.

Tickets are free of charge!

Aw, the cat comes along for the ride. Teddy probably wishes he could fit in one of the character’s bags.

That would be amazing.

Asking the important questions.

There’s always that one teacher in the Persona games.

Well that sums it up nicely.

I really, really hope so.

Aaaaaaaand finally:

These reactions and more are all thanks to Atlus’ stream on the morning of 2/5/2015. It happened to include a 3-minute “promotional” video that fans are absolutely going ga-ga over. They’re unbearably pre-bear-ed for a fantastic game!

Persona 5 was originally slated for a PS3 release, but Atlus has confirmed that the game will also land on the PS4. So far, the game’s purported release in 2015 is still uncontested and it’s also possible that the game will hit the shores of both Japan and the West before the sun rises on 2016.

Are you on the Persona 5 hype train? Let us know in the comments below!

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