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New Nintendo 3DS Wireless Transfer Takes Over an Hour


New Nintendo 3DS Wireless Transfer Takes Over an Hour

Put aside just over an hour for your data transfer.

Today, some lucky folks were getting their hands on the New Nintendo 3DS. Sporting more powerful internal components, additional buttons, and eye-tracking 3D technology, this upgrade is essential for massive fans of Nintendo’s handheld console. One problem does arise however, and that is in transferring your data. Many 3DS owners have collected numerous save files and even full games on their systems over the years. Now, those buying the New Nintendo 3DS are faced with the task of transferring their collected data from the older console models to new ones.

We managed to get our hands on one here at Twinfinite today. Nintendo does have their own huge guide for how to quickly transfer the data, but not everyone is going to go that way. Taking apart your shiny New Nintendo 3DS mere minutes after purchasing it isn’t exactly a good idea in the eyes of many. There’s also the fact that more people than Nintendo seems to realize don’t have access to the means necessary to transfer data between SD cards easily. So instead of people constantly guessing how to do it, we decided to try it ourselves.

The short answer is, go and make a particularly large pot of coffee because this process is so lengthy that the long-term degradation of your typical star feels a little short.

The New Nintendo 3DS runs a delightfully cute animation of Pikmin moving blocks of data between each system during the herculean 6 stage process. Our transfer involved full games like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Mario Kart 7 as well as full save data transfers for multiple games such as Fantasy Life. Our transfer started at 14:30 UK time and finished at precisely 16:16. That’s 105 minutes in total. This was a transfer done using a fiber-optic connection but, in all fairness, it could have taken a hell of a lot longer.

Will you be transferring wirelessly, or using the SD swapping technique? Let us know in the comments box below.

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