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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Guide: How to Kill a Gypceros


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Guide: How to Kill a Gypceros

Time to go hunt us some Gypceros!

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has its fair share of aggressive creatures hellbent on nothing more than eating you for breakfast. For most of them, you’d be nothing more than a light snack or the equivalent of finding a piece of potato chip in your teeth four hours after you already ate a bag of them. The trick is, killing these gigantic beasts before they stomp on your face. So we at Twinfinite decided it was a good idea to put together some primer guides for taking down each of the more dangerous enemies in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. This one’s about the Gypceros, and boy is it a nasty bugger.

The Gypceros takes the form of a seriously miffed Pteradactyl. They’re generally grey all over with an off-white bone protruding from their head. We say generally because there are a couple of variants. Their grey skin is incredibly rubbery, making them fairly strong against electricity-based attacks. That’s not to say they do no damage though, so don’t fret too much if you use something which employs Tesla’s favorite project.

That horn on the head of a Gypceros is its most dangerous feature. First and foremost, sometimes it’ll make this damn horn sparkle, roaring three times after doing so. When it starts to shine that’s your cue to run away as far as you can while looking away, or else you’ll be stunned by a blinding flash. Simply looking away isn’t enough to avoid this, you MUST have some distance between yourself and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate‘s Gypceros.

Its other more dangerous attacks include a running charge throughout which it pumps poison into the air. This isn’t exactly a difficult ability to avoid but for the love of all that’s holy make sure you’ve got some Antidotes and other healing stuff in your bags just in case. The Gypceros isn’t particularly powerful as a monster, that doesn’t mean you should underestimate it. Perhaps the perfect example of this is when it does one of these runs but without the poison (they happen, but always expect the purple gas of death). A Gypceros in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has a powerful tail which will actually cause more damage than most of its other attacks.

After these runs or charges is when you want to strike. Run in and wreak merry havoc upon its legs. If you’re feeling particularly brave (or foolish) aim for that armored breast plate. This heavily armored part of the Gypceros, like those of many other members of the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate beast army, can be broken if you throw enough damage into it. Don’t focus on that right away though. Your primary goal is to actually get this damn thing down on the ground. Only go for that chest plate if you’re feeling a little confident or cocky.

Should you find yourself at a distance from the Gypceros, you’re not safe. Besides the fact this flapping menace moves surprisingly quickly for its looks, it can spit poison a fair distance too. Whenever you’re out of arms reach of the Gypceros, be prepared at all times to dodge at least twice. It can throw out up to two blobs of poison in any one spitting stage.

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