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Fable Legends Will Be Free to Play


Fable Legends Will Be Free to Play

Free to slay comes to Fable-ay?

Lionhead have seen quite a bit of success from their Fable franchise since its first release in September of 2004. Lovers of all things fantasy RPG and third-person action have turn their attention to the series at some time or another. Now admittedly, there has been a flop or two in the history of this property (Fable: The Journey, here’s looking at you kid). For the most part though, there’s been a fan-base whipped up by the hype machine that is Peter Molyneux who just wanted more. Without him, Lionhead have still been pumping out the Fable games and their upcoming entry Fable Legends will now be free to play.

That’s right. You’ll be able to play the full game from start to finish without paying a penny, in theory.

Offered as a free download rather than a full and boxed title, Fable Legends will allow players to rip the game from the internet and onto their consoles before being able to “play Fable Legends from beginning-to-end without spending a penny.” The system will also apparently be fair and allow players to get everything they want without necessarily having to spend any money.

Monetization will come to Fable Legends through everyone’s favorite (yes that’s sarcasm) method of splitting up real world and in-game cash purchases; currency splitting. By playing the game, gamers are going to be earning silver for taking on villains or heroes depending upon their preference. A second currency, gold, will be purchasable with real money.

When it comes to actually dipping into the game, Lionhead are going to offer four characters for free at any given time. When they’re out of rotation, the progress players make on them will be saved. Should a player want to unlock a hero outright, they will be able to do so by spending silver or gold. The villains are able to use silver or gold to unlock new monsters. None of these will only be available for gold.

Where the gold-only stuff comes is in customization. Should you want a fancy hat or a different color scheme, you’re going to have to pony up some cash for the privilege.

Are you up for this whole idea being put forward by Lionhead for Fable Legends? Or are you a little concerned that it’ll just become a little pay to win, even though there’s nothing suggesting that. Let us know below.

Also, here’s a full Fable Legends press release.

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