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Fable Legends New Hero Announced, Introducing Evienne


Fable Legends New Hero Announced, Introducing Evienne

Fable Legends increases their playable character roster with Evienne.

Early today Lionhead Studios announced their new hero for their next installment of the Fable series, Fable Legends. The new hero, or heroine as the case may be, is a feisty melee fighter by the name of Evienne. Her combat style consist of wielding a huge magical sword as confirmed here,

Keeper of the legendary sword Brobdingnagian (Brob, for short), Evienne is a spirited and feisty melee character.

Her ancestors waited patiently in the lake for a hero to claim the sword, but Evienne has taken it upon herself to go out and become a hero herself.

Now that is all well and good, but can you please explain her battle attire, Lionhead? Sure she is far from the stupid convention of the bikini armor that plagues most female fighters in video games. She is still clearly lacking the most necessary article of defensive clothing… Shoes. There could be perfectly logic explanations for her lack of foot wear but moving on.

Evienne Fable Legends

That’s a big sword.

Now anyone itching to know more about the charming new addition to the team need look no further,

Are you a fan of massive swords? How about vibrant language? Yes? Excellent, then today’s news is bound to float your boat!

We’re beyond excited to unveil the latest addition to our current line-up of Fable Legends Heroes: Evienne.

A keeper of legendary sword Brobdingnagian (Brob, for short), Evienne decided that sitting in a lake waiting for a Hero to claim Brob just wasn’t a life she wanted to lead. Hungry for adventure and bored of waiting, she claimed the mighty sword herself and ventured forth into ancient Albion as a self-made Hero.

Don’t let her innocent looks fool you; this Hero is a deadly fighter. Wielding Brob and weaving enormous arcs of destruction while tumbling effortlessly across the battlefield, Evienne makes short work of anything foolish enough to stand in her way. Her prowess in battle isn’t the only thing that may surprise the unsuspecting onlooker; her colourful use of language would make even a Brightlodge dockworker blush.

And if you have a thirst to know her back story there is more information on the Fable Legends website. What do you think of Lionhead’s new addition to their upcoming game? Tell us down below in the comments.

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