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Dying Light Guide: How to Find 5 Phenomenal Easter Eggs


Dying Light Guide: How to Find 5 Phenomenal Easter Eggs

Dying Light has undoubtedly received a lot of inspiration from many other games and genres. There is no argument there; in fact, many games are inspired and molded by games that came before it. Sometimes it’s a matter of a game doing something better, or maybe developers were just huge fans of experiences they’ve had in the past. Usually this is a given, but sometimes devs go the extra mile to put a little something special in their games to show their appreciation.

These come in the form of sweet easter eggs scattered throughout game worlds for players to find. Sometimes they’re soundbites, pictures, or just an oddly named NPC, but Dying Light went the extra mile to provide some truly satisfying secrets for anyone willing to seek them out. From nods to classic games to references a bit fresher, Dying Light provides elements to satiate everyone’s hunger for secrets.

Of course, with the territory of easter eggs comes the fact that they can be quite difficult to find. Yes, occasionally they’re placed in the middle of the road clear as day and it’s up to you to recognize them. But, more often than not you have to put in a bit of leg work in order to find the true gems. Lucky for you, all of the leg work has already been put in for you. So sit back, relax, and see how some genius easter eggs made their way into Dying Light.

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