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3 Things Dying Light Could Have Done Better


3 Things Dying Light Could Have Done Better

Dying Light could have been a really memorable zombie survival game if these three things had been taken into account.

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Avoid a Few Clichés

Dying Light

Power struggles, war, dictatorships, disease, suffering, food shortage, monsters, zombies, chaos, death, quarantines; those are just a few of our favorite things we expect to see in a story about a zombie apocalypse be it a video game, movie, a book, or whatever.

Dying Light, being a zombie survival game and all, was definitely bound to include at least a few of these tropes so they could fit in with the rest of the genre. The problem is Techland went too far and used just about all of them. Dying Light’s setting ends up being a pile of clichés seen in many other zombie games and other media such as The Walking Dead. Just look at that guy up there, he just screams zombie apocalypse warlord.

This all makes Dying Light woefully predictable. There’s a fine line between conforming to a genre and becoming clichéd. Dying Light’s main story, despite success in other aspects such as its side quests, fails to stay on the right side of that line.

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