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Dragon Ball XenoVerse Guide: How to Unlock All Characters


Dragon Ball XenoVerse Guide: How to Unlock All Characters

Gotta Catch Them All!!! Dragon Ball!

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Most Dragon Ball XenoVerse Characters

Dragon Ball XenoVerse happens to have a large roster of fighters. Over 40 characters are available to be unlocked to be used in versus mode, tournament mode, or as companions during Parallel Quests. Many of them are very rare (we’ll get to those shortly), but most of them are pretty easy to come by.

To unlock the majority of fighters in Dragon Ball XenoVerse, all you have to do is beat the main storyline and any parallel quests available to you. Doing this will also unlock different outfit options for each of those characters which slightly alter their stats. You will then notice that there are several empty spots left on the character select screen. For those, you’re going to have to put in a bit more work.


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