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Destiny Devs Hire Guild Wars 2 Writer As New Loremaster


Destiny Devs Hire Guild Wars 2 Writer As New Loremaster

If you’re active within the online Destiny community, you’ve heard all the negative feedback that Bungie has received for Destiny’s apparent lack of in-game story content. However, with Bungie designing a 10 year business model plan for the Destiny franchise, they have shown that they plan to fortify and embolden their premeditated dynastic empire by responding to player feedback. For the optimistic, Guild Wars 2 writer John Ryan’s recent tweet may be the great news for Destiny. The tweet confirms that Ryan will be “heading over to Bungie as their new editor/loremaster” but it is not clear whether this recent hire is a way Bungie hopes to fix negative feedback about Destiny’s story or if this hire is just part of the natural expansion of a franchise with a 10 year business model plan. Either way, for fans of the story within Guild Wars 2, this is bound to be good news for you. And for those who have never heard of Guild Wars 2 or didn’t like the story , you’ll just have to wait and see what effect Ryan’s addition to the writing staff will have on Destiny’s story.

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