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Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Keeps Growing with New DLC


Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Keeps Growing with New DLC

Isaac’s adventures are far from over and that’s a good thing.

Poor Isaac, his torment seems to be truly endless. After getting his misadventures redone in Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, now our poor little fella is getting additional nightmares with a new DLC. Unfortunately for him, this is completely good news for the rest of us. Now players can expect lots of new addictive hours with Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

This new expansion, interestingly named Afterbirth, will expand Isaac’s adventures even further with over 100 new items, an additional playable character, new enemies and bosses, bonus alternate levels and, best of all, new game endings. That’s not all, there will also be additions to item pickups, transformations and even achievements.

Overall, Afterbirth is said to extend the gameplay time by 100 to 200 hours. Moreover, the official announcement also teased a full new game mode that is supposed to change the way Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is played overall.

Afterbirth will also include 10 new challenges, which are based on fans’ suggestions posted in Reddit. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth devs shared the top 9 challenge ideas so players can have an approximate idea of what they should be expecting. Among them are ideas such as increased gameplay speed, a no heat-drops mode, an all-star boss run and an XXXL run with huge levels.

In times in which DLCs are being used in the most noxious and greedy ways by the big companies, watching indie developers keep adding consistent stuff to their games is a beacon of hope. Binding of Isaac is a beloved series and the reasons are very evident: not only it’s a lot of fun, but it keeps delivering new content and love to fans all over the world.

Afterbirth will be released some time around the second half of 2015, and that’s gonna be a really good time to go back to Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

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