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10 Most Useless Weapons Ever Found In Any Video Game


10 Most Useless Weapons Ever Found In Any Video Game

I feel dirty even holding some of these disgraces.

Stun Gun (Silent Hill 3 + Silent Hill 4: The Room)

We start this list with a weapon that is useless in the most boring way possible – it’s just impractical. There is no situation where the Stun Gun is more useful than any one of your other items, even your melee weapon. The Stun Gun takes up ammo of batteries, using one per use of the weapon. So it must be reloaded after using it. Batteries are also very difficult to find in Silent Hill, just like any other type of ammunition. Not only that, the Stun Gun cannot actually kill any of the monsters you run across in your jaunt across Silent Hill; it only stuns them for a brief moment. So it takes ammo that is difficult to find, and is still non-lethal compared to your basic melee weapon. Pass.

That said, though, if you use it on the giant head of Eileen in Silent Hill 4, it makes her eyes flash for a second. So there’s that.

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