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10 League of Legends Champions to Get You Out of Bronze


10 League of Legends Champions to Get You Out of Bronze

Want to be rolling with those Golds, Plats, and Diamonds? Then you have come to the right place.


Generally speaking Top champions are tanky, with some exceptions.


Garen, League of Legends

Price: 260 RP – 450 IP

Garen is a tanky top laner with a surprising amount of damage and is often considered a ‘noob’ champion at earlier levels. Who is strong against champions such as Riven, Akali, Jax, and Nasus. He is bad against Teemo, Pantheon, Darius, and Elise. He is iconic for the saying “Spin to win!”

Passive – Out of battle, he will generate health faster.

Q – Speed steroid and increased damage on next hit.

W – Passive armor bonus and active shield.

E – Centered AOE that does damage to nearby enemy champions and minions.

R – Short range single target attack that does more damage the more health an enemy champion is missing.

You can find out more on how to play this champion to perfection with the following resources,

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Price: 585 RP – 1350 IP

Teemo is an adorably squishy, high damage, annoying, tight-arsed bastard of a top laner. This bloody fur ball is the bane of many League of Legends players, and that is why you should play him. He is good against Tryndamere, Nasus, Singed, and Garen. He is bad against Yorick, Pantheon, Akali and Rumble.

Passive – Teemo goes invisible if stood still long enough, after breaking the invisibility he gets 40% more attack speed.

Q – He shoots a projectile which blinds the enemy.

W – Passive: Speed steroid, Active: NOS (A.K.A faster speed steroid)

E – Passive: Increased auto attack damage and they now inflict poison.

R – Teemo generates mushrooms which he can place like land mines that explode when an enemy stands on them, they are invisible.

You can find the ins and outs of this champion with the following resources:

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