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Star Wars Games Hit GoG LucasArts Library Today


Star Wars Games Hit GoG LucasArts Library Today

The second wave of Star Wars titles has hit Good Old Games. Up for some Rogue Squadron?

Before LucasArts closed down, they had a good amount of Star Wars games under their belt. Sure, there were those Knights of the Old Republic and the Battlefronts and possibly the Force Unleashed I, but what about those older PC games? When’s the last time you played those?

LucasArts titles have been making their way over to Good Old Games over the past few months, and today’s additions return to the older 90s titles of the Star Wars brand. As part of their second wave of Lucasfilm games, Star Wars Empire at War: Gold Pack and turn based Star Wars: Rebellion join the library, along with the classic Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. Relive those old childhood memories of going through exciting Star Wars battles and bring down AT-ATs with tow cables just like in the films. Sadly, this doesn’t include Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, a game which one of our staff really liked, but here’s hoping it’ll show up some day.

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