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Smite Guide: How to Play as a Guardian


Smite Guide: How to Play as a Guardian

Learn how to play as a Guardian in Smite with this guide.

Playing Smite as a Guardian

So you’ve downloaded Smite and the prospect of entering grand arenas where team after team of gods battles one-another in the relentless pursuit of victory. You’ve sat down, cracked your knuckles, and browsed through all of the available gods to find a role upon which all of your focus will be aimed. Maybe you just feel like having a change and playing as a different role. Whichever one it is let us help with a quick guide to playing as a Guardian in Smite.

For the uninitiated, Guardians perform a vital role in the grand performance of combat in Smite. They are the rock of any team, a pillar of the community of war, the foundation upon which most good teams are constructed. In team-fights (where the whole of both teams come together to exact bloody wrath upon their enemies) the Guardian doesn’t move to the front line, the Guardian is the front line. They’re capable of taking immense amounts of damage in comparision to squishier comrades yet often struggle to dish out the same in return.

Playing Smite as a Guardian is no simple task though. It requires an acute sense of perception and no small amount of cojones to take on this role and make it work. Where others run from the fight, you weigh in to protect those who are alongside you.

Typically, Guardians are the largest of all the gods. Gods like Ymir, Sylvanus and Geb go to show this. This imparts them with a natural ability to get in the way of opposing players or abilities to protect their charges. It does not however mean they get the big kill numbers in any match. A Guardian is without a doubt the most supporting role of Smite. Alone they are nothing more than a sizable speed bump. When alongside a teammate though they become a true force to be reckoned with, even if they aren’t stomping up the kill charts. Assists are where the Guardian looks for their sense of self worth.

If the idea of playing as a Guardian sounds like the perfect place for you then by all means read on. If it isn’t, take a look anyways to see what’s running through the head of that Guardian on your team.

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