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Razer Enters the Console Market with the Razer Forge TV


Razer Enters the Console Market with the Razer Forge TV

The high-end gamer focused PC hardware company Razer has announced its very own micro-console, the Razer Forge TV.

The high-end gamer focused PC hardware company, Razer, has announced its very own micro-console, the Razer Forge TV. Along with the new micro-console, Razer is also including its game streaming service, Razer Cortex: Stream and a new bluetooth controller and keyboard (named the Razer Serval and Razer Turret).

How does Razer plan to differentiate itself from its competitors in a crowded market that includes products such as the Ouya and the Amazon Fire TV? By using their reputation for high performance to their advantage.

Razer Forge TV offers cutting-edge performance with quad-core processing, gaming-grade graphics, industry-leading wireless and network connectivity with 16 GB of internal storage, all packed in a sleek and silent form factor. This micro-console’s powerful hardware easily plays the most popular games from Google Play on a large screen for up to four players.

Since the Ouya’s release in 2013, Android powered micro-consoles have become a bit of a dime a dozen. It has become an easy way for companies not known for the gaming hardware to dip their toes in the water. However, Razer is known for going over the top with power on their hardware offerings, so maybe the Razer Forge TV can shake up the market a bit and get hardcore gamers.

razer forge tv

Currently the Razer Forge TV has a tentative release date of Q1 2015 and will start at $99.99 ($149.99 with controller bundled). For more information on the Razer Forge TV and the Razer Cortext: Stream , check out this excerpt from a recent press release:

About the Razer Forge TV:

Razer Forge TV was built to bring hardcore PC gaming, Android gaming and entertainment to the television. The Razer micro-console opens the gateway for next-level Android TV gaming that is designed for the serious gamer. Intense full-HD graphics combined with the Razer Serval controller provide the detail and precision that is needed to dominate the living room.

Bring your friends into the action with support for up to four controllers. Powered by a quad-core processor and gaming-grade graphics, the Razer Forge TV makes the most of Android gaming. Pick up your games and movies where you left off when switching between your mobile device and Razer Forge TV.

Explore a massive selection of games, movies, music and apps available on Google Play. Cast your favorite game streams, movies, music, and web content from a mobile device to your Razer Forge TV.


About Razer Cortex: Stream:

The Razer Cortex: Stream app connects to the PC game launcher Razer Cortex and allows for one-click hardcore PC game streaming to any Android TV micro-console. Its proprietary encoding technology was developed specifically for game streaming.

Razer Cortex: Stream sets the streaming benchmark for frames per second and provides ultra-low latency gaming and up to full-HD resolution with a standard Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. Unlike other solutions, Razer Cortex: Stream is compatible with most popular PC brand components and can support Directx9 games and higher from any publisher.

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