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(Rumor) Destiny Leak Shows Upcoming Expansions


(Rumor) Destiny Leak Shows Upcoming Expansions


Leaked plans of Destiny DLC schedule

Earlier today, a user on Bungie’s Destiny forums leaked a screen revealing plans for upcoming Destiny DLC. Set to release after the House of Wolves DLC in march, Comet: Plague of Darkness promises to be the biggest expansion to the game yet. Rumored for an actual disc release, Comet will also contain three new subclasses, undoubtedly, one for each class in the game. According to the leak, Comet: Plague of Darkness is Destiny 1.5 indicating a massive expansion for the game.

While the actual content for the Comet expansion is still vague, the leaked screen indicates that the expansion will take place on the Moon, Venus, Mars, and a hive ship. The expansion is also purportedly set to come with 12 story missions, 4 strike missions, one new raid, one new location, 6 PvP maps, and two new weapon types.

After the release of Comet, Bungie plans on releasing two additional chunks of DLC the size of Crota’s End and House of Wolves, yet as of now, the additional DLC is marked with the placeholder Ep. 4 and Ep. 5 titles. Ep. 4 is set to place to players against the Vex yet again, and Ep.5 seems to deal with the Cabal to some extent.

This DLC news should quell the rumor that Destiny 2 is set for release sometime this year, with a Destiny Game of the Year Edition set for release towards the end of 2015 which will include all the expansions to the game.

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