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Etrian Mystery Dungeon Footage Highlights Wanderer Class and Combat System


Etrian Mystery Dungeon Footage Highlights Wanderer Class and Combat System

Etrian Mystery Dungeon demands that you starve in exchange for your health.

Altus has just updated the official website for Etrian Mystery Dungeon, showing off new footage for the upcoming RPG on the Nintendo 3DS. The new footage shows off the Wanderer class and the turn-based gameplay that we’ll get to experience in the game.

The turn-based gameplay highlights the major actions that will take up a turn. Also, when you’re not in combat, each party member will regain a sliver of health each turn in exchange for their hunger levels going down.

You can check out the new Etrian Mystery Dungeon video footage below.

The website update also provided us with more details on the skills that can be used in-game:

Special Blast Skill:

  • Gust – Creates a sudden burst of wind that blows enemies around in a given room. It won’t outright defeat them, however.

Representative Skills:

  • Stone – Throws a rock at an enemy within an arc-shaped radius and damages them.
  • Hunt – An attack that affects any enemies in front of the caster; if the enemy is either a bird or animal type, extra damage is inflicted. A weapon is required in order to cast it.
  • Tunnel – Destroys walls up to three spaces away in front of the caster.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon will be released for the Nintendo 3DS some time this year.

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