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7 Tips for Drafting in League of Legends Fantasy LCS


7 Tips for Drafting in League of Legends Fantasy LCS

Ever since League of Legends introduced the Fantasy LCS last season, people have been taking more and more time to analyze individual players and teams in order to make sure they’re at the top of their fantasy league. I’m by no means an expert on fantasy sports, but here are a few tips for fantasy drafting in League of Legends that might just help you if you’re new to it!

Keep an eye on other regions

The Fantasy LCS allows you to pull from the EU LCS and NA LCS player pools. If you’re from NA or EU, you might not be watching the other regions games as closely as your own. This makes sense given the sheer volume of games you’d have to watch in order to effectively keep up with both regions. Regardless, make sure that you research the other region’s players before you start your draft. Some of the other region’s strongest players might stay open for longer if you’re drafting with others from your own region, so you’ll have a leg up if you know who the best players are for both regions.

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